Art is a metaphor for life.

You learn to trust yourself,

love yourself,

and respect yourself.

Make peace within,

and life is a

meaningful journey.

Free yourself,

live an authentic life.

Sharon Kagan

The Creativity Center

THE CREATIVITY CENTER'S CORE MISSION is to empower artists and non-artists alike to develop their vision, identify their message, and create/expand their audience.

The Creativity Center is a home to artists and non-artists alike. We are dedicated to giving full expression to the artist within. Classes include students who have never been inside an art supply store as well as professional artists. Some Creativity Center students are graphic designers, animators and woodworkers whose creativity was diverted from their own personal expression, others are therapists, teachers, mothers, yoga instructors, corporate executives and accountants wanting to stretch themselves and try something new.

At The Creativity Center, we believe that Self-Knowledge gives us a Voice, Self-Concept provides an Identity and Self-Concept provides an Identity and Self-Expression means we make Art. We welcome you to the Creativity Center, a place where you can fulfill your artistic dreams.

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