Student to Student
A Letter From Ann Enkoji To You
The Miraculous within the Mundane I wrote this quote while in the midst of taking the Visual Journal Workshop. It stuck in my mind because every Tuesday evening I would walk into class with my usual assumptions of who I was and what I did well, and walk out with the amazed realization that there were so many more things I could do and even more I wanted to explore.
At first, these evenings at the Visual Journal class reminded me of past challenges I had experienced. Sharon's teaching has an amazing ability to identify and inspire the instincts that we all have living inside of ourseleves. For me, all my inner stories and feelings are less precious and more basic to the way I express myself personally and professionally.
The class as a whole is extra-ordinary. Each individual brings their images of self and perception into a process that appears so simple: messing about with oil pastels, writing with unedited freedom. The results go deeper in the listening and seeing and doing. Because Sharon brings an intuition that allows all of us to move forward.
I could take the Visual Journal class over and over and continue to attend the Fairy Tale class to work on my stories. They have taken me beyond the initial feeling of elation and continue to transform my interests into ways in which I enjoy my work and share my life.

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