Sharon's love of art and her

belief that there is an artist

in everyone fan the creative

flame in those of us fortunate

enough to be her students.

— Leslie Peters

Introduction To The Visual Journal
If you’re thinking of taking a class at The Creativity Center but want to make sure it’s the right one for you, we offer several two-hour introductory workshops. This is a hands-on experience designed to help answer your questions about creativity and self-expression. No previous art or writing experience is needed. Use this one-time meeting to decide for yourself if the Visual Journal approach is right for you. All materials are provided for this introductory meeting.

1 Tues. Evening,
7:30 – 9:30 pm
Jan. 18, 2011
Jan. 25, 2011
Mar. 22, 2011

1 Thurs. Evening,
7:30 -- 9:30 pm
Apr. 21, 2011

Fee: $35/class

Mythic Stories
A heroic life is made up of extraordinary moments lived in the context of day to day living. We all experience life's heroic moments when we reach for our dreams, risk the familiar in order to discover that elusive something more or are able to examine our lives and see the beauty and courage nestled within the details of our existence.

The mythic stories are the ones that speak for all of us. We relate to the quest, the successes and failures, the perils overcome and the self discovery that emerges out of the journey. Explore the power of myth and storytelling as a means of self-expression.
In this six-week intensive powerful writing, drawings, collages becomes art, theater, performance and stories. By keeping the participants eye away from any predictable end result, magic occurs. Sharon's special gift is that she is able to lead class participants into the gold mine of their own talents.
Class members begin with a favorite fairy tale, story, myth, movie or novel. Over the course of six-weeks they slowly weave their own stories into The story. We examine the symbols and images, tell and retell the story until it conveys a surprising and personal message. Using collage, drawing and lots and lots of writing exercises each student discovers the beginning of a large, mythic and deeply personal story that will inform their work for years to come

Materials: Bring a journal that is comfortable in size and pens for writing. Preparation: Intuitively select a story as your starting point. The preference is a fairy tale or myth, but you can also select a novel or film. You will need a copy of the story for the second week of class.

6 Thursday Evenings,
7 – 10 pm
June 30 – Aug. 4, 2011
Fee: $325 per series

Mythic Stories: an ongoing workshop
This class is for anyone interested in an on-going exploration of their mythic story, whether that is in writing or visually. The focus of this class is to take the kernal of an idea and develop it into a finished product.
Whether you've taken the Mythic Stories 6-week class or not, you are welcome in this group. All we ask is that you make a two month committment to start.

Thursday mornings, 10 am to 1 pm
Fee: $200/4 week month

Taught by Sharon Kagan


The Visual Journal Workshop
Everyone has creativity, and given a supportive environment their creativity will flourish.The Visual Journal Workshop emphasizes process, rather than product. In this class, you will learn to trust your artistic instincts and develop a Visual Vocabulary of your own, using a variety of techniques and materials. These techniques include collage, drawing with the non-dominant hand, and guided visualization. The purpose is to practice risk taking and experimentation. When you know that you can turn any “mistake” into a successful work of art, you will overcome the biggest barrier to artistic expression. Materials: Bring a large journal with unlined pages and oil pastels.

8 Tues. Evenings,
7–10 pm
Feb. 1 - Mar. 15, 2011
Apr. 26 - June 14, 2011
Sept. 27 - Nov. 15, 2011

Fee: $425

The Art Support Group
This congenial group of artists meets once a month to discuss their work, issues and concerns related to their artistic lives.
The group is limited in size, new members are admitted quarterly.
One Saturday a month
Fee: $150 per quarter (3 meetings)

Individual Sessions/ Company Workshops
There is no one formula for the creative process. The first steps are to listen, see what’s missing, and discover the blocks to creating and taking action. These exercises can be tailored to each experience. If you would like to have a conversation about art in your life, or your company is interested in accelerating the creative process, please call Sharon Kagan at The Creativity Center.

Individual Sessions: $150/hr.
Session length varies.
Group Fees based on time and number of people


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